10 comments on “Listen

  1. How on earth do we buy these albums coz it’s not avaliable at Musica or any other music country wide. i even tried the Amazon website and still nothing. Please can you tell us where to buy these albums and i wuold like all of them..

  2. bought your second offering. but totally enjoy your first offering … road trips are easier with you guys in the CD deck. thanks

  3. Greeting from Indonesia!

    I’m 21 and the first time i listened to BLK Sonshine was about 10 years ago. Even as a kid, i love your amazing tunes back to that day. My brother bought me the CD when he visited to South Africa but then i lost it somewhere. It’s quite a long time until i found your music online. I just purchased another CD from Amazon yesterday. Good old memories and melodies!
    Well, i have to say i like your first album better.
    Please come to Indonesia!

  4. Hi, I would get the traduçao of My Favorite Music Bahlalefi, I hear it at least 4 times per day, sleep to the sound of it. I tried to translate the internet but could not. thank

  5. So glad to have found your music again. Can you put this up on another music distribution service, like 7digital, itunes, spotify or elsewhere please?

    Amazing stuff, hope you can make some more music soon!

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